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Single Storey Extensions

Extensions are a great way of creating extra space at home, without the need for moving house and is also an excellent way of adding value to your property. Whether you are looking for a single, or double storey extension, a front porch extension, or simply to extend the kitchen, we’re here to help, advise and guide you through every step of the process, from the initial idea, right through to the planning, building and completion of the project.

All our home extensions are finished to the highest possible standard, on time and with minimal disruption. Our polite, hard working and professional team of craftsmen will also leave your property clean and tidy at the end of each day.

Building regulations for single storey extensions

Building regulations approval is essential. Any extension will have to demonstrate compliance and this usually comes in the form of making a Building Control application to the local authority. Each authority has its own table of charges or you can use a private certified Building Control firm if you prefer.’

The size of your extension will affect the fees for building regulations approval. Plan for from £250 for one to 10 square metres, and £900 for 80 to 100 square metres, whether you go for a full plans application with everything approved before you start, or a building notice application, where you need only give 48 hours’ notice of commencement.


You may be able to make use of permitted development (PD) rights for your extension, which allow you to build without having to make a planning application.

However, under PD, you cannot use contrasting materials for an extension — they have to be similar to that of the existing house. If you want something different, permission will be needed. The footprint and height of the extension will also have to meet PD criteria.

If building under PD, you may want to apply for a certificate of lawful development from your local authority. You can build without one, but it will give you paperwork to prove that your scheme met requirements and did not need planning permission.

The general PD criteria is detailed on, but check with your local authority as well, because some areas have more restricted rights, such as in Conservation Areas. Local authorities can also use Article 4 Directions to remove rights.

Architect fees for a single storey extension will normally range from £2,000 to £3,500. Structural engineers reports are roughly £650

  • Tree report, £720 upwards

  • Flood risk assessment within flood zones, £720 upwards

  • Ecology report that may be required by your local authority, from £720, but can be much more

  • Archaeological report if in an area of archaeological interest, possibly several thousand pounds

  • Historic building report, likely if your home is listed

When planning a more ambitious extension, you will need planning permission if:                    
  • Your extension covers more than half the area of land surrounding your home

  • You are extending towards a road

  • You are increasing the overall height of the building

  • You are extending more than six meters from the rear of an attached house

  • You are extending more than eight meters from the rear of a detached house

  • Your single-storey extension is taller than four meters

  • Your single-storey extension is more than half the width of your house

  • You are using materials that differ from the original style of the house

  • You plan on building a balcony or raised veranda  





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