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Architect service always kicks off with an ‘initial visit’ in your home.

The visit is designed to be a personal interactive experience where our accomplished architects can demonstrate to our customers our architectural design services through  a process of  hand sketching, the various opportunities their project presents. This ensures that our customers are equipped with the reassurance that they have fully explored and understood all the possibilities of their home before they commit themselves to their building project.

This is a design visit suitable for when you are looking to have work done to one area of your home such as a Single, Double & kitchen extension, or loft, Garage conversion.

The main objectives of the consultation are:

  • Discuss and understand your aims and requirements

  • Take a few basic measurements to create a simple plan of the existing layout

  • Explain the design by producing hand drawn sketches of the possible solutions.

  • Discuss the proposals and adapt them if necessary to make sure it’s right for you

  • Have an agreed drawn out ‘sketch design’ by the end of the visit.

  • Give you advice you on any necessary statutory consents/party wall agreements etc.

  • Explain how to move your project forward and how we are the experts who can help with that

Accurate drawings are the backbone of a well organized project.

After the initial visit there are still a variety of decisions to be made and drawings to be produced to demonstrate what the intentions for your project are. The more information you have, the more in control you are and by utilising the experience and knowledge of an Architect you will enhance the outcome of your renovation and ultimately optimize your investment.

Architect Your Home are the experts in domestic architecture who produce properly considered house plans and drawings, so that your scheme will be built as you intended both in terms of quality and budget.

Statutory consents are the permissions you require from your local council or other interested party, in order to carry out the changes you wish to your home.

Most building work, unless is it a minor refurbishment, requires some sort of permission to be granted before it can go ahead. Depending on the extent of the work you wish to carry out, the location and type of your property you may be required to apply for several permissions.

These may be one or more of the following: permitted development, planning permission, landlords consent, conservation area consent, listed building consent, party wall consent, building regulations approval etc. All of which we are able to do on your behalf or simply be at hand to guide you through the process.

Planning Or Permitted Development Application

Your architect will advise you as to whether the work you want to do to your home will need permitted development or planning permission. They will draw up the necessary plans and gather together all the relevant information to ensure the application is both accurate and clear, as mistakes will often cause delay in achieving approval.

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